It is with the deepest gratitude and excitement that we publicly announce the launch of Alchemy! We build and operate in-house pharmacies for STD clinics, Ryan Whites, and FQHCs, and provide the entire physical, clinical, and digital infrastructure needed to operate and grow a best-in-class entity-owned on-site 340B pharmacy program.

There was no personal ‘aha moment’ when we realized the need to start Alchemy. For us, Alchemy is the culmination of everything we have worked on and dedicated ourselves to throughout our careers, and its mission is woven into the fabric of our lives and why we do what we do. Together, we have spent 18 years in Africa building the largest HIV access program in the world, set up, operated, and scaled pharmacies that have dispensed over 25M+ prescriptions to patients across all 50 states in the US, and deployed consumer product experiences improving pharmacy access for millions of patient lives globally.

We believe deeply in the mission of safety net providers that provide care for our most vulnerable communities. In our experience, only safety net clinics truly provide the complex, multi-faceted services their populations need to access healthcare — where so many challenges patients face are about the social determinants of health, from navigating complex economic barriers to care, to nutrition, transportation, language support, and behavioral health.

It is also personal for us; our own family members have directly relied on the services they provide and have worked themselves as front line providers in these health centers. And it is the goodwill and support of a 340B STD Clinic in inner-city Indianapolis that actually helped launch the program in Africa where Susie and Peter met, lived, trained, and worked - and out of this goodwill, seeded HIV prevention & treatment services for over 18 million patient lives in western Kenya, and today across 4 countries and 3 continents.

Susie treating patients in Kenya as part of a cardiac tertiary care program she designed and launched.

We launched Alchemy because there is an urgent moment today impacting the American healthcare safety net. Almost overnight, the pharmaceutical industry and pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) shifted the goalposts for how safety net providers access a critical source of program funding - resources these safety net providers rely on to sustain healthcare services for millions of Americans and one of the rare critical funding programs that taxpayers do not pay for. Safety net providers, and most importantly, our neighbors who rely on these services, have been collateral damage in the process.

To meet this moment, safety net providers have three imperatives. It starts with the choice to rapidly build & launch a pharmacy within the four walls of their health center - what we at Alchemy call the ‘physical layer’ of its on-site pharmacy program. But to truly meet the moment, safety net providers must look beyond the four walls of their pharmacy program to meet patients where they are, and deploy a ‘clinical layer’ and ‘digital layer’ that removes all barriers to patient access, and not just stabilize today's needs, but position their 340B program for the future.

We’ve been quietly building this company over the last 6 months, launching on-site pharmacy programs for our Covered Entity partners across 4 states, and developing the internal operational, product, and clinical innovation infrastructure to meet the moment. And we’re extremely encouraged with the early results of our partnerships. We’re excited to share our results with you, to bring our collective experience and dedication to your patients as a fully aligned partner, and to go farther together to deliver the health outcomes that all patients deserve.

We’re on a mission to serve our covered entity partners and their patients. We’d love to hear from you, please drop us a line at

- Susie, Peter, and Sid

The first pharmacy set up by Peter and Susie in 2012 in Kenya.

Peter Park

Founder & Co-CEO