Building on-site pharmacies for 340B covered entities

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Who we serve:

The future of 340B pharmacy is clinic owned, vendor operated

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CEO, Equality Health Group


Federal grantees are exploring on-site pharmacy


Expected number of new on-sites in the next 3 years


Months ROI payback period with Alchemy

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The Alchemy Platform

We provide you with the physical, clinical, and digital infrastructure to power a best-in-class on-site pharmacy experience for your patients.


On-site pharmacy

We set up your clinic-owned pharmacy from scratch. Starting with the ROI analysis of on-site vs. contract pharmacy, to evaluating & designing your space, physical buildout, board of pharmacy application and inspection, licenses, wholesaler and PBM contracts, pharmacy staffing, volume ramp. We’ve got you covered every step of the way, while you retain full control and ownership of your pharmacy.



Clinical pharmacy programs to expand your clinic’s reach

We design and deploy a range of clinical pharmacy programs with you to reimagine what is truly possible with your on-site pharmacy asset, and expand the reach of your patient population well beyond the four walls of the physical pharmacy. From mobile clinics to establish care linkages to your pharmacy, to integrating community health programs to remove access barriers - your on-site pharmacy is the engine that drives tremendous patient impact for your community.



Mission control for your pharmacy program

We provide your pharmacy all the digital tools to efficiently monitor and scale your on-site pharmacy program. We extend your clinic’s brand by offering modern and white-labeled digital pharmacy experiences that delight your patients, keep them retained to care, and an operating system to optimize both outcomes and incomes for your program.


A digital hub for your clinic

We power the entire digital experience for your providers, pharmacy staff and patients. Deliver a delightful pharmacy experience for all your stakeholders, with your brand front and center.

Deliver a modern and delightful pharmacy experience for all your stakeholders

Omni-channel communication to engage your patients on their terms

Beyond the physical touchpoints, communicate with your patients over seamless and secure 2-way SMS, rich messaging, and telepharmacy to meet them where they are.

A pharmacy that meets your patients where they are

Coordinate a pickup, arrange for courier delivery, print a shipping label, all from a centralized dashboard.

Your on-site operating system to fully own your 340B program

When you launch your entity-owned pharmacy, your on-site asset will become the center of gravity of your entire 340B program. We're architected to accelerate this transition, and give you full 360 visibility on your program's impact.

Rx Dispensed

ROI Analysis

EHR Feeds

Wholesaler Purchases

Diagnostic Tests

PBM Reimbursement

Adherence Monitoring

Industry & Peer Benchmarks

Contract Pharmacy

Automated Claims Auditing

Customer Spotlight

Customer Spotlight

From on-site pharmacy launch to ROI breakeven in under 12 weeks

Learn how Equality Health Group set up an on-site pharmacy with 99% PBM in-network status in just 9 weeks and achieved ROI breakeven 12 weeks post-launch with the Alchemy platform to immediately increase net revenue by 30%. Now, EHG is expanding the impact of its on-site pharmacy beyond the 4 walls, and on track to grow revenue nearly 5X its previous contract pharmacy relationships.

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Weeks to full PBM in-network


Days to ROI breakeven


RX volume increase


Net revenue increase

Pick the right pharmacy operating model for your clinic

The 340B market is evolving rapidly and it’s time to take control of your own destiny with a clinic-owned, vendor-operated on-site pharmacy.





Setup Time to Launch

18+ months

< 4 months

12 months

3 months

Initial Setup Costs

$35K - $175K




Drug Inventory & Startup Cash Reserves

$500K - $3M




Pharmacy Staffing Cost

1 Full Time Pharmacist
on Day 0

Cost-plus pass through on pharmacist cost post launch



Flexible Financing Options




Protection Against Drug Manufacturer Restrictions

Administrative Fees


% of Revenue

5-35% of 340B net savings

12-65% of 340B net savings

Dispense Fees



Variable, to $2500+ for specialty Rx

Variable, to $2500+ for specialty Rx

TPA Fees





Patient, Provider, Pharmacy Digital Hub

Additional Clinical Services

* Eligibility for flexible financing options is determined based on a comprehensive Rx analysis. We perform this analysis free of charge for all our prospective partners.

The Alchemy

Here is a representative process and timeline for a typical on-site pharmacy buildout and launch with Alchemy. Note that actual timelines will vary based on your physical buildout, board of pharmacy timelines in your state, and if there are extended PBM in-network timelines based on your location.

Step 1

Rx Analysis

We analyze the prescription data from your EMR to determine the capture rate and return on investment for your on-site pharmacy. This analysis is completely free, and can be done with a simple BAA.

Step 2

Design and Build Your Pharmacy

We visit your clinic and designate a space, determine the design of your pharmacy, outline a plan for construction, establish a timeline, and begin the process.

Step 3

Acquire All Licenses and Permits

We complete the Board of Pharmacy and DEA applications and inspections. Then we complete other necessary applications, including the NPI, NCPDP, MPN, and PTAN. We also update your insurance to include an on-site pharmacy.

Step 4

PSAO and Wholesaler Accounts

We establish necessary Pharmacy Services Administrative Organization (or PSAO) and wholesaler contracts for a 340B account and a non-340B accounts, with preferred pricing and and contract terms to save you money and time.

Step 5

PBM Contracts

We submit any Pharmacy Benefit Manager (or PBM) applications that are not already covered in the PSAO. These may include Express Scripts, MedImpact, Humana, Caremark, Optum, Prime, and state Medicaid plans.

Step 6

Training and Preparation for Launch

We hire your pharmacy personnel and prepare them for launch by facilitating pharmacy software installation and training. We also assure that pharmacy personnel complete any other trainings required by your facility, PBM contracts, and as outlined in Policies and Procedures.

Step 7

Pharmacy Launch and Clinical Program Exploration

Your pharmacy begins filling prescriptions through the pharmacy, with the volume filled ramping as PBM contracts are executed. We also explore & design clinical programming opportunities to find, enroll, and treat patients in need of care in your community.

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Can Alchemy do an ROI analysis for my location?

Yes. Alchemy takes your prescription data (ideally for an entire year) and performs a ROI analysis completely free of charge. Our goal is to give you the data you need to make an informed choice about opening an on-site pharmacy.

How can Alchemy help if I cannot afford the initial pharmacy buildout cost?

Alchemy provides flexible financing options that will address any build-out costs for you up front (e.g. construction, staffing, pharmacy inventory). In fact, we take care of all expenses as needed until your pharmacy is open and has built up enough cash reserves to become self- sustaining!

Does my current space meet the physical space requirements for an on-site pharmacy?

The physical requirements for a pharmacy are state specific, and may include square footage requirements, hot/cold running water, and a dedicated counseling space, among others. The Alchemy team will review the requirements for your state very early in the process. Then we will visit your location and help you with designing your space to meet the requirements. 

Does Alchemy offer consulting services?

We do not provide consulting services. However, we provide a detailed ROI analysis free of charge to determine the profitability for your on-site pharmacy. We also provide the general steps to opening a pharmacy on our website.  However, we know that many FQHCs and STD clinics are under-resourced and at times understaffed. We also know that the cost of opening a pharmacy in both time and money is cost prohibitive given we estimate most small to medium clinics require at least $500,000 to $3 million dollars in cash. Alchemy provides all the financial support to launch the pharmacy if required.

What clinical pharmacy services does Alchemy provide?

Alchemy firmly believes in doing whatever it takes to provide the best possible care for our pharmacy patients. This can come in many forms, and may include MTM, immunizations, detailed patient counseling for specialty medications, laboratory reviews and suggestions for changes to medication as needed. It may also mean finding ways to engage with patients regarding their social needs that may prevent them from taking medications as prescribed.

Outside the pharmacy, we are most interested in helping find patients in need of treatment within the community, and overcoming all of the challenges that have prevented them from getting treated previously. This will involve meeting patients where they are in the community and overcoming barriers that prevent them from getting care.